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Shree Kishori     

Shree Kishori's upbringing was nurtured by the positive influence of her caring parents. As the sole child in her family, she engaged in a routine that encompassed school, devotion to Lord Krishna, yoga, meditation, swimming, and staying informed through news. Her father, engaged in the Media & Education Industry, along with her mother, ensured a rich upbringing. From a young age, her father shared spiritual insights and tales of various deities during his leisure moments. Shree possesses exceptional learning agility.
Guided by her father, Shree delved into the Bhagavad Gita during her free time, finding inspiration in its wisdom that became interwoven into her daily life. Recognizing a trend, her father noted that many young people were gradually disconnecting from Sanatana Dharma, devotional practices, and the spiritual path due to their parents' demanding schedules. A unique solution was found through the collaboration of Shree, her father's media and education expertise, and the guidance of Acharya Ji, well-versed in the Bhagavad Gita. Shree's adept communication skills and familiarity with social media platforms served as potent tools to convey and disseminate the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.
Thus, commenced a transformative odyssey. Shree Kishori embraced the role of a spiritual guide as youths began seeking answers about Shree Krishna, his identity, and his whereabouts. Through mediums like live sessions, video reels, and reflective discourse, underpinned by the Bhagavad Gita's timeless principles, Shree Kishori responded diligently to their inquiries, fostering a renewed connection to spiritual understanding.

Some frequent questions asked.

Q. Where does Shree Kishori reside?

A. Shree Kishori resides in both Kanpur and Mumbai. For the sake of safety and security, the exact address will not be disclosed.

Q. What is her age?

A. She is 12 years old

Q. Is she currently attending school?

A. Yes, she is in the 8th grade.

Q. Can we arrange a meeting with her?

A. Certainly, however, she is presently dedicating her time to prepare for Bhagwat Katha. Soon, everyone will have the opportunity to meet her in person.

Q. What is her actual name?

A. : Her original name is Shree Malhotra.

Q. Is it possible to have a conversation with Shree Kishori Ji?

A. Certainly, by becoming a member of the Shree Kishori Foundation, you will have the opportunity to directly communicate with her on one occasion.

About Shree Kishori Foundation     

From our earliest days, we've been acquainted with the presence of a less fortunate segment in our society - the beggars and those who are struggling. We all aspire to assist them with the resources we have, but the how and when often elude us due to our busy schedules and limited means. Compounding the matter, some organizations, unfortunately, exploit the path of compassion, tarnishing the true spirit of helping and leading to a loss of faith in such initiatives.

Then, the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, a new experience even for someone like Shree Kishori. As she absorbed the news day by day, questions flooded her mind about those who are in dire need of help. She turned to her father, seeking insights into how she could contribute. In response, her father, who had been a sole contributor to the community, took it upon himself to impart the essence of humanity through actions within their family.

Concurrently, Shree's engagement with the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita sparked a passion within her to extend her assistance. She discovered a profound sense of tranquillity and fulfilment as she embarked on the journey of providing daily meals to an ever-increasing number of people who sought her doorstep. As the days progressed, and the second wave of the pandemic took its toll, the count of individuals in need grew exponentially. Shree, accompanied by her father, family members, neighbours, and friends, united their efforts to provide food and resources for the expanding group.

Today, Shree envisions an even greater endeavour - to expand this genuine charitable organization across the nation, reaching into every corner of the country, spanning states and districts. The overarching goal: to create a hunger-free and beggar-free India (Our Mission). A vision where no one goes to sleep on an empty stomach, inclusive of opportunities for employment, access to healthcare, and education for the underprivileged children.

However, this grand vision can only come to fruition with the support of our extended Shree Kishori Family Members - those who offer their Helping Hands. They are in need of you, and we warmly welcome your participation in this noble cause.

Some frequent questions asked.

Q. Where is Foundation situated?

A. Foundation's Office is situated at Kanpur-Uttar Pradesh.

Q. How many people were feed by Foundation on a daily basis?

A. Apprx. 100-150 People feed by the foundation on daily basis without absence. Also, day by day the counting of needy people are increasing, so we need your helping hand as donation.

Q. Does foundation only accept large amount of donation or in rupees only?

A. No, Best part of our foundation is 'Donation thought is important, not value'.Your everday 5Rs. Donation is valueable for us. And if you could arrange to deliver raw food materials to us, we love to accept that.

Q. When and how much should we donate?

A. Anytime & As per your convenience. Little-Regular-Longer.

Q. Apart from Rashan what else we could donate?

A. Books, Copy, Colour, Stationary, Clothes, Blanket etc are the things you can donate for needy people.

About Shree Kishori Tatva     

As Shree Kishori imparts the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to the younger generation through social media platforms, their curiosity blossoms into a desire to comprehend various aspects of worship. They seek insights into the usage of spiritual products in rituals and the process of worship. This curiosity arises from a genuine aspiration to connect with spirituality in an authentic manner, especially in an era where commercial interests often compromise the purity of spiritual essentials for monetary gain.

During this period, Shree Kishori herself realized a unique opportunity. She recognized the potential to provide her Shree Kishori Family with access to pure and genuine spiritual products. By doing so, she not only enables individuals to acquire these products conveniently and at an affordable cost but also directs the proceeds towards her foundation's altruistic endeavours. These funds contribute to sustaining initiatives that extend a helping hand to the less fortunate, offering them employment opportunities through tasks like packaging and other essential work. This, in turn, empowers both volunteers and needy individuals, enabling them to support their families.

And thus, the journey began, resulting in the rapid expansion of the Shree Kishori Family. We humbly seek your assistance in promoting this innovative approach to supporting our society's needy members and obtaining untainted and authentic pooja essentials for enriching spiritual practices.

Some frequent questions asked.

Q. What will be the profit of purchasing products from Shree Kishori Tatva ?

On a regular basis we get products for our beneficial needs but by getting those from Shree Kishori Tatva, one you will get abhimantrit, pure and original tatva another the contribution amount recieved with it will feed a needy hungry people of the society - You'll get virtuous benefit with it too.
Shree Kishori Tatva - Abhimantrit Pure & Original

Q. Why it is important for a tatva to be abhimantrit?

A. Mostly products selling in market are for profitability and business. It's important for a spiritual product to be pure because it'll also be dedicated to our Bhagwan.
Those tatva which provides us wealth, prosperity and mental peace are worthless till it will be Abhimantrit by Vedic Mantra because by doing so, it absorbs positive energy and the one who recieves will get the desired fruit from it.
Shree Kishori Tatva - Abhimantrit Pure & Original

Q. Can i gift these Tatva to our loved ones?

A. Yes, As all the tatva of Shree Kishori Foundation is Abhimantrit, Original & Pure. So if you gift this to your loved one's, both will get virtuous benefits from it. Also lifelong remembered.

Procure Authentic “Tatva” to Indirectly Provide for the Less Fortunate.

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