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Pyrite Stone Wristlet - 23 Bead (Abhimantrit)

4500 ₹ 1099 Video Description

  • Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that works on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels to shield and protect from all types of bad vibrations and/or energy.
  • This stone has the potential to cleanse the oxygen that passes through your body.
  • Pyrite is said to have several therapeutic properties. It has the potential to improve both physical and mental well-being.
  • Pyrite is supposed to have incredible healing properties and is even suspected of containing pure magic.
  • This beautiful crystal has a powerful energy and it works wonders with the intellect and psychic powers.


This crystal is for money and abundance. Pyrite attracts money, it’s known to be a money magnet. According to Crystal healing, having this crystal with you attracts wealth and fame. 
Pyrite has a connection to the solar plexus chakra and is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. It's also a wonderful abundance stone, encouraging wealth, prosperity, and success.

NOTE: The pyrite jewels are completely natural and raw because we don't polish the crystals so that they can create a barrier against negative energies and promote pure physical and spiritual healing.

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